Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers can be used in almost any area of the face to replace volume loss and sculpt facial features to enhance beauty.

At Main Street Aesthetics we are very particular about the type of filler we use, although we are able to offer several types, in the majority of cases we use the premium Juvaderm range (Vycross) which is shown to give a smoother and longer lasting result (around 12 months – 2 years).   The other benefit of this range is that it can be easily reversed, although this is very rarely required.

Dermal fillers work when injected directly under the skin using a fine needle. Local anaesthetic can be used in addition to the filler but is also contained in the fillers gel formula in order to minimize discomfort.

Fillers are most commonly used in the lower face to increase volume loss around the nose and mouth area, to enhance the lips and to improve the profile though treatments such as chin augmentation, non-surgical nose jobs and cheek enhancements.